Mental Health, Anxiety & Stress

Today's Entrepreneurs are Super Heroes

Entrepreneurs want to succeed despite the risks and prove it can be done.

But, They Are Not Invincible

A research study by Sifted in 2024, showed that 49% of startup founders in Europe wanted to leave their businesses because of mental health challenges, anxiety and stress.

We Expect Alot from Entrepreneurs

As Incubators and Accelerators, we want to help startup founders grow quickly and raise investment.

As Investors, we want a profitable business and a 10x return as fast as possible.

As Research Institutions, we want to develop and commercialize IP, transfer technology and grow spinoff companies.

As Economic Development Agencies, we want to create jobs and wealth for our states, regions and communities.

They are People Too.

Entrepreneurs Have Ups and Downs and Limitations - Just Like the Rest of Us.

Yes, there are Exciting and Rewarding Business and Technology Opportunities.

Let's Recognize Entrepreneurs' Mental Health and Challenges too.

Then, We Can Create New Ways of Addressing Change, and Create A Positive and Sustainable Impact.

Mental Health

Being "On" All of the Time. Not Having the Answers. Tons of Pressure.
Sometimes, it's just too much.


Seeking Investors. Making Tough Decisions. Hanging in.
It's a lot to bear..


Performing on Demand. Rallying the Team. Achieving Milestones.
The daily activities are demanding and not so glamorous.

There is Action.

Be a Change Agent.
For Yourself. For Others.

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